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Barbara Burke papercut artist
BBpapercuts studio
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BBpapercuts studio work
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I'm Barbara and the creator of BBpapercuts

Papercut Maps

I always had a fascination for maps, I love the way you can see how a city evolves, next to a river, a port or a crossroads. I love to see the street pattern of large cities, how you can see the original old city with it's smaller narrow winding streets and the new areas with it's more uniform planned layouts.

My papercut art maps are created using the pattern of the streets, railways and rivers. They are simplified maps without any text, lettering or colour. Using only the white paper I cut out the pattern of the lines on the map. This papercut map is then suspended in a shadowbox frame with a colour background 20mm behind to give it a 3D effect.


My papercut maps use map data from Mapbox and OpenStreetMap and their data sources. To learn more, visit and


Architectural Papercut Elevations

I have spent most of my working life drawing buildings, detailing and making paper and card models so it's only natural for me use this expertise to develop my latest series of Georgian papercut elevations.

My series of Georgian Elevations are drawn from the many photos and sketches I have taken over the years. Each piece of artwork takes many hours to figure out and assemble so everything lines up, it require a lot of patience. Each elevation is made up of a series of laser cut layers of paper (sometimes up to 20 layers) to give a 3D effect to the elevation .

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